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D205 Digs Deep into the Development of a Long Range Facilities Master Plan

On January 27 and February 13, the District Administration and a team of architects, construction managers, and communications and bond experts presented information on draft concepts that could form the basis of a long-term Facilities Master Plan.  These initial ideas are based on community feedback from the two-plus year Focus 205 process and educational research.  Input and feedback has taken multiple forms, including community engagement sessions, focus groups, a Thoughtexchange Survey, an Educational Alignment Study, an All-Day Kindergarten Feasibility Study, and a scientific telephone poll.
The draft operational plan was presented to the Board in July of 2017, but a final plan is still in development until the final facilities pieces can be included.  The plan supports the mission of Accelerating Learning for All Students with three interrelated components:  Student Achievement, Sustainability and Facilities.  When a final plan is approved, all financial and facilities decisions…