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Second Major Phase of Community Engagement Set to Begin

During the spring of 2015, D205 launched a major Community Engagement effort called Focus 205.  The multi-year effort will lead to an Operational Plan that will guide future resource allocation and planning decisions to ensure that all graduates are college, career, and life ready when they leave our system.  The District is embarking upon a critical final phase that will culminate in the development of a Master Facilities Plan.

The current draft concepts driving the Master Facilities Plan address aging infrastructure, safety and security, all-day kindergarten, balanced class sizes, and future ready learning.

The "Future-Focused" Phase II began with the formation of a Community Advisory Team, which met for the first time on March 30.  It will kick into high gear this week with Listening Sessions scheduled for Edison, Field, and Lincoln schools on Wednesday, May 2.  These will take place at each school at the following times:  Edison 8:15 a.m., Field 6:30 p.m., and Lincoln 2:…

Chamber Tabs D205 "Jewel of Elmhurst"

Today, at the Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce and Industry's 30th Annual Spring Luncheon and Expo, the Chamber recognized District 205 as one of 18 Jewels of Elmhurst.  Personally, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Chamber for including D205 as one of the leading contributors to the quality of life in this great community.

This recognition is part of the Chamber's year-long Centennial Celebration, which coincidentally aligns with the 100th Anniversary of York High School.

In honor of that, the Chamber has graciously extended an offer to the York High School Marching Band to lead the Memorial Day Parade.  I am so grateful to serve in a community that acknowledges the impact of high quality public schools on the overall health and prosperity of a given community.

D205 is in the process of finalizing a Master Facilities Plan.  A second leg of an extensive community engagement process is about to begin, and we welcome all voices to the conversation.

A final piece of that puz…

HB5758--Call to Action

I started this blog July 2017, and during the past school year, I have done everything possible to remain apolitical and focus on student learning and D205 issues and priorities.  While this entry may appear to blur the lines to some degree, I would argue otherwise.  My responsibility as superintendent of D205 is to ensure that I do everything in my power to ensure that all graduates matriculate from our system college, career, and life ready.  Consequently, I do not believe I would be doing my job if I did not share with you information on a piece of legislation that would have an extremely detrimental impact on our community and students across the state.

HB5758 would prohibit school districts from articulating dual credit opportunities with out-of-state colleges and universities.  This would annihilate D205's ACP program with Indiana University.  That means that D205 students would be eliminated from the opportunity to obtain transcripted college credit in more than a dozen cou…

Problem Solving

People may be familiar with the term problem based learning or, in educational acronym language PBL.  It is a concept that is hard to argue with when done right, but it is also not necessarily easy to do right.  And, like anything, if an organization doesn't have a common definition of what it means by the concept of "PBL," various interpretations and inconsistencies may not ultimately yield the outcomes that people envision at the outset.
I came across this blog recently, and I think it makes the concept of problem solving accessible for practitioners.  The blog is simply titled problem solving or solving problems.  The International Center for Leadership in Education has developed the Rigor and Relevance Framework to try to help promote rigor and real-world problem solving.
D205 has adopted Eureka Math in the lower grades and is focusing on the Rigor and Relevance Framework, creativity, and student empowerment.  But, as teachers work toward shifts in their practice, th…

Drawing Lines

Greetings again from D205!

At the April 10 Board meeting, Matthew Cropper of Cropper GIS presented two options for potential boundary adjustments to support a final Master Facilities Plan that could accommodate All-Day Kindergarten (ADK) and balance class sizes across the District.

In previous community engagement efforts, it became clear that the majority of Elmhurst residents support a move toward ADK, and that preserving neighborhood schools was far and away preferred to either grade level centers or a kindergarten center.  It is also clear that D205 families value small class sizes.  The District incorporated this into its draft facilities concepts during the initial planning phases, which include the Cropper boundaries study.

It is important to remember that completion of any project would be several years into the future.  Therefore, no current students would be affected by boundary adjustments, as they would either have matriculated from their current school or could be grandfa…