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State of Illinois Verge of Wasting Golden Opportunity

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is the new Federal school accountability system replacing No Child Left Behind.  It's premise is to provide states more flexibility to develop a comprehensive system with multiple means of demonstrating achievement.  Constituents would have access to holistic information of the extent to which students are growing and schools are meeting community expectations.

But, Illinois being Illinois, has crafted a plan that, like its predecessor, is so heavily weighted on annual standardized test scores, that it falls far short of capitalizing on a one-time opportunity to implement a healthy, balanced assessment system.

It gets worse.

The Illinois State Board of Education is proposing that the state move to a system in which schools would be grouped by their funding tier and receive a grade of A-F, with 20% of schools in each tier arbitrarily assigned an A-B-C-D-F irrespective of growth or attainment.

Two words.  Train wreck.

As the state goes off the r…

U.S. News and World Report Ranks York 17th in Illinois

U.S. News and World Report has ranked York High School the 17th best high school in Illinois in its 2018 rankings.  This is up a spot from last year, when it had York ranked 18th.

All rankings are somewhat arbitrary and don't ever tell the entire story, but I am proud that we moved up a spot, especially considering that nine of the schools ranked ahead of York are highly selective magnet or private schools.

This obviously reflects well on the work of our staff at the high school, but it is truly a reflection of a job well done by teachers at all grade levels across the District.

It is also indicative of a commitment to strong public education by the community of Elmhurst.  The support of D205 parents and residents for its schools is unparalleled. 

There have been many instructional improvements in the District in recent years such as the 1:1 personalized learning implementation, the addition of instructional coaches at all schools, new curriculum in math and English/Language Arts,…