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Master Facility Plan Takes Another Step Forward

At last evening's Special Board Meeting, the Board reached consensus on several issues that will help ensure that the Master Facilities Plan continues to move forward.

First, it agreed that if boundary adjustments are required to support All-Day Kindergarten (ADK), it will move forward with "Option D Modified."  Several boundary scenarios have been studied in an effort to develop a plan that increases capacity to support the implementation of ADK and balance class sizes across the District.  Guiding feedback from the most recent round of community engagement sessions expressed a clear interest in preserving walking neighborhoods and ensuring that no new neighborhoods are bused.

In Option D Modified, elementary students East of York Avenue would move to Edison from Hawthorne and students south of Butterfield Road would be bused to Edison instead of Jackson.  Students who live between York and Kenmore would have the option of attending either Hawthorne or Edison.  These ch…

Model Schools 2018 . . . So Far, So Good!

I am currently at the International Center for Leadership in Education's 26th Annual Model Schools Conference with five other members of my administrative team and 5,000 educators from across the country, and, once again, it is one of the most valuable professional learning events that I have personally experienced.

First off, I want to send a shout out to Elmhurst's Mawi Asgedom of Mawi Learning, who presented this morning.  Great job, Mawi, and thanks for your continued support of D205!

Yesterday, ICLE Founder and Chairman, Dr. Bill Daggett delivered the opening keynote.  Dr. Daggett remains one of the best speakers around and continues to inspire hundreds of thousands of educators.  Personally, I attended a session with both Ray McNulty, who has partnered with D205 in the past, and Eric Sheninger, who will be the keynote speaker at our opening Teacher Institute Day in August.

A key message from Dr. Daggett was the impact that Nano and Biotechnology and other technological a…