Master Facility Plan Takes Another Step Forward

At last evening's Special Board Meeting, the Board reached consensus on several issues that will help ensure that the Master Facilities Plan continues to move forward.

First, it agreed that if boundary adjustments are required to support All-Day Kindergarten (ADK), it will move forward with "Option D Modified."  Several boundary scenarios have been studied in an effort to develop a plan that increases capacity to support the implementation of ADK and balance class sizes across the District.  Guiding feedback from the most recent round of community engagement sessions expressed a clear interest in preserving walking neighborhoods and ensuring that no new neighborhoods are bused.

In Option D Modified, elementary students East of York Avenue would move to Edison from Hawthorne and students south of Butterfield Road would be bused to Edison instead of Jackson.  Students who live between York and Kenmore would have the option of attending either Hawthorne or Edison.  These changes would only affect families who purchase a home after any potential referendum passes and expanded school capacity is achieved.  Current families who bought their home with the expectation of attending a certain school would be able to attend the school they had anticipated at the time of the purchase or be given the choice to attend the new school as specified by the D Modified option.  The only change for future middle schools students would be a provision to allow students south of Butterfield Road the choice of attending either Bryan or Sandburg.

While Option D Modified does not as effectively equalize facility utilization across the District as some other options that were considered, it meets all of the other criteria and guiding feedback and increases space sufficiently to allow future Board the flexibility to deal with enrollment growth or program changes that may not currently be anticipated.

The Board also agreed to move forward with a concept that includes a new Field School.  Initially, major renovations were being considered.

It also voted to conduct a second phone poll to acquire additional information on specific aspects of the current draft plan now that concepts have been further refined.

The administration will provide additional details on ADK at the July 17 Board Meeting so that the Board can consider various implementation options, include the associated costs.  There will be a Special Board Meeting the first week of August (date TBD) to examine the feedback from the poll and draft language for a potential ballot resolution.


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