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Learning and Teaching Presents 2018-19 Priorities at July Board Meeting

Several representatives from the District 205 Learning and Teaching Department presented its 2018-19 learning and teaching priorities at the July 17 Board of Education meeting.

The Department developed a Theory of Action beginning with a focus on what the student experience should be to ensure that all students graduate college, career and life ready.  It then back-mapped a plan in which it considered how to best support teachers and principals in order to create a system that maximizes student learning.

This school year the District will focus on the 6Cs of Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Character and Citizenship and utilize Michael Fullan's book Deep Learning as a resource to support that work.  It will utilize the International Center for Leadership in Education's Rigor and Relevance Framework and a vehicle to implement the 6Cs in the classroom.

Additionally, Eric Sheninger, author of the book Learning Transformedwill present a keynote address …

Musings on Finland

If I told you that public schools in a specified country had the following characteristics

No standardized testingStrong teacher unionsTeachers that are not formally evaluatedWere in session for among the fewest hours of any countryHad no private schools*,
you would likely jump to the conclusion that the quality of teaching is poor and student achievement lags.

You would be wrong.

In 2001, Finland surprised the world by finishing first among all countries on the PISA exam.  It continues to rank near the top, while the United States, which has focused on one of the five points listed above as levers to improve education in this county at one point or another, or, as is currently the case, all at once, places in the middle of the pack.

The PISA exam only measures certain things, populations of test takers differ, and comparisons are not so easy.  For example, many people point to poverty and diversity in the U.S. (though diversity is increasing in Finland) as obvious challenges, but here…