D205 Board Unanimously Elects to Put Referendum Question on November Ballot

The D205 Board of Education Monday unanimously voted to place a question on the November 6 ballot asking voters to weigh in on a proposed $168.5M facilities project that would include upgrades to all schools across the District.

If the referendum passes, the annual tax impact on a $500,000 home would be $150.

A yes vote by the community would result in the following facilities improvements (note, this list is not comprehensive):

  • New Lincoln and Field Elementary Schools (Lincoln is 103-years old, Field is 87-years old);
  • Safety and security upgrades at all schools including renovations of the main entrances where indicated;
  • Expansion/renovation of Edison Elementary School to increase space in the District to accommodate All-Day Kindergarten, future enrollment increases, and help transition students during construction of Lincoln and Field Schools;
  • Future Ready Learning spaces at all schools to support STEM programming such as Media Center upgrades, Project Lead the Way, Maker Spaces, and Career Pathways at York;
  • Technology infrastructure such as server space, bandwidth, modern display systems, etc. (not devices)
  • Air conditioning at at Jackson and Jefferson Elementary Schools;
  • Major renovations to Madison Early Learning Center; 
  • Permanent solution to the District's Transition Center program for adult students with special needs; and
  • Additional site specific improvements at schools across the District based on need such as a stage and two additional classrooms at Fischer Elementary School, renovations to the York auditorium, and the addition of an auditorium and other significant mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades at Churchville Middle School.
The decision to bring this question forward to the community is the result of three-plus years of intense community engagement, which began with the Focus 205 process and included large community meetings, focus groups, two phone polls, an All-Day Kindergarten Study, and Educational Alignment Study, and an online Thought Exchange survey.


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