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School Report Cards Available Soon

The State of Illinois is expected to release the new school report cards by the end of October.  This year the report cards will look different to reflect changes in the 2015 reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Act, known as ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act).  ESSA replaces the No Child Left Behind Act, which was in place since 2002.

The new system includes a growth component and other measures, which differs from previous school report cards that focused solely on attainment measures based on annual standardized testing.  Under the new system, schools are placed into one of four categories.  All of District 205 schools received a "Commendable" rating.  The top category is "Exemplary."  The two lowest categories are "Underperforming" and "Lowest Level."
The District has produced a Power Point with a voice over to help parents understand some factors to consider when deciphering all of the various types of school rating systems that a…

Elmhurst Chamber Endorses Nov. 6 Referendum

Recently, the Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors voted to officially endorse District 205's November 6 referendum.

In a press release dated October 1, 2018, the Chamber Board indicated that its endorsement is based on three significant District needs:

Replace outdated facilities with construction at 103-year-old Lincoln Elementary School ($32.5M) and 87-year-old Field Elementary School ($29M), along with expansion and renovation of Edison Elementary School ($18.1M) and Bryan Middle School ($12.5M);Install Health Life Safety and Entrance Security upgrades at District 205’s nine other student buildings (five elementary schools, three middle schools, high school and early childhood education center), as included in the project plans above; andRepair and renovate the nine student buildings listed above as a result of long-deferred maintenance due to a budget limitation of $1.5M per year related to the State of Illinois’ 1990 property tax cap of the lesser of the Cons…